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Through the ages there have been few voices that have had the power to reach down deep inside of our hearts and move our emotions.  RENEÉ ROWAN BASEL can do just that.  She defines feeling.  As sweet as it is fiery, her voice is an emotional lightning rod that knows and understands. 

RENEÉ is a powerfully unique vocalist who began singing at the early age of four years old.  The daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Al Rowan, RENEÉ and her brother, Michael, traveled with their family across the United States singing in churches, tent revivals and camp meetings. 

For over 25 years, RENEÉ has been a featured speaker and worship leader at events throughout the country and has been privileged to partner with many prominent Bible teachers and worship leaders, including: Larnelle Harris, Jamie Grace, David and Nicole Binion, Roni Goss, John Gray, The Pfeifers, Clint Brown and many more.  RENEÉ is a solo artist pursuing the call of God on her life to take the love of Jesus to a hurting generation by appearing at churches, conventions, youth rallies, camp meetings and seminars across the United States. RENEÉ has also been featured on TBN, Cornerstone Television, CTN, the Word Network and other television programs across America. 

RENEÉ has several solo recordings to her credit and her husband, Rev. David Basel, the Executive Pastor at Church of All Nations in Boca Raton, Florida, produced her most recent recording as an artist, Nothing But the Truth.  From 2005-20015, RENEÉ served as the Worship Pastor at Brightmoor Christian Church, but since establishing herself in Delray Beach, FL with David and their 14 year old son, Daren, she is now back on the evangelistic field speaking and singing across the nation. 

RENEÉ preaches and sings from the gut.  She communicates the exciting message of Christ with sincerity and intensity, which is what makes her such a potent witness.  RENEÉ is able to connect with a variety of audiences whether it is a Sunday morning church service, a women’s conference, worship event or a youth summit.  For more information on having RENEÉ at your event, conference or church, contact her at 248.660.4233 or

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